So I Just Got Back

From my first D&D game in a good while. At least since July.

Zanril Wolfsbane did fucking awesome.

He’s my sneaky, sneaky Drow Thief.  I joined a group that had been thrown into some building full of zombies. There were no lights at all.

Sweet, my stealth WINS.

I rolled a ton of 17+’s on my stealth rolls, especially after I attacked.

Zanril would slide out of the shadows, slit some throats, go back into the shadows as something came looking, and the other sneaky Drow in the party would shoot arrows into the face of that other something.

We ran around killing things and not getting damaged while the rest of the party pretty much died. We tried to save a few, but they were tards. It didn’t work out, we just bugged out.

But my Drow is really sneaky. I gotta draw him or make a decent model for him.


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